Pro:Direct Academy players gained a sneak-peek at what the future could hold for our beautiful game. PhD Sports Scientist and Head of Performance at Wales FA, Tony Strudwick teamed up with PLAYR to give our Students a training session kitted out with a PLAYR device, a piece of technology which fully analyses your game to give you feedback on what areas you need to improve, and what areas you're close to mastering. Learn all about PLAYR and take an even closer look at the device here

Pro Direct Academy players wear Playr GPS vests

The PLAYR SmartPod is placed in the vest and is synced up to a player's phone.

Playr GPS system at Pro Direct Academy

Wales FA Head of Performance Tony Strudwick puts our players through their paces...

For a chance to discover more about the analytics and game metrics offered by PLAYR click on the video featuring PLAYR's Digital Marketing Guru Nick Giles below...

The PLAYR system is available from Pro Direct Soccer here