Pro:Direct Academy players study BTEC and NCFE qualifications with Tutors prioritising studies over match time.

Pro:Direct Academy players study BTEC and NCFE qualifications with Tutors prioritising studies over match time.

Pro:Direct Academy has approximately 800 registered players at the 16-20 years age group across the UK. We are delighted to be partnered with leading Ofsted regulated UK colleges and independent education providers such as SCL Education Group who work with football, cricket and rugby clubs, educating and developing over 2000 students.

We work with education partners to provide already established programmes that feature all the elements you need to forge a career in sport. Being able to build your specialist sports knowledge is key and we ensure that you develop vocational skills and not just theory so that our graduates can hit the ground running when it comes to joining the sports industry. Businesses today are looking for employable learners, those that are trained to succeed quickly in sport. 

Pro :Direct Academy is friends with many Pro and Semi-Pro football clubs

Pro:Direct Academy has built relationships with many different clubs enabling us to offer pathways in to pro or semi-pro football at a variety of levels.

PDA already works with a large group of clubs to supply players at a level that is correct for both player and club. Some of our players are lucky enough to play against pro club academies, club scouts visit our tournaments and we are also present at EFL Exit Trials. Our players are gaining pro contracts, for example PDA Birmingham graduate Taylor Allen who is now playing in League 2 for Forest Green Rovers.
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Pro:Direct Academy players study for a BTEC in Sport

Pro:Direct Academy players study for BTECs or NCFE in Sport.

If you’re at college and thinking about applying to uni in the next couple of years, you’ve probably heard a lot recently about vocational qualifications like BTECs. More and more students are opting to study BTECs over A-Levels these days, and universities are starting to pay attention to this educational trend. But what are BTECS all about?
BTEC stands for ‘Business and Technology Education Council’, named after the body which first governed the qualifications (it’s now Edexcel). BTECs are gaining popularity as an alternative to A-Levels, but they actually cover a whole range of academic levels. BTECs at levels 1 and 2 are equivalent to GCSEs, level 3 to A-Levels, and levels 4 -7 hold the same status of achievement as a degree. They are 'vocational' qualifications, rather than traditional academic courses, with typical subjects offered at BTEC level including Sport, Business Studies and Travel and Tourism – you can’t study subjects like History or English at BTEC level. 

One of the main differences between BTECs and A-Levels is the way both are assessed. A-Levels mainly involve two years of study geared towards a few big tests at the end, whereas BTECs are continually assessed via coursework and practical projects. You might only just be hearing about BTECs now, but they’re not a new qualification – they’ve actually been around since 
1984. Universities have learned that BTECs are a great alternative to A-Levels – even Oxford and Cambridge include BTECs as part of their overall course requirements, although usually alongside other qualifications as well. 

Pro:Direct Academy works with Universities, Colleges and the UK's largest independent education providers.

Pro:Direct Academy works with Universities, Colleges and the UK's largest independent education providers.

The dedicated and qualified tutors at our PDA Centres are selected for their extensive experience in teaching and guiding young people. Sports based learning is their specialism which means that the programmes supplied by our education partners are built on a framework of sporting excellence with well established progression routes into sport. You will have every assistance and support to graduate from Pro:Direct Academy with a level 1 to level 3 qualification in sport, and benefit from an outstanding learning and teaching experience along the way.

Pro:Direct Academy graduates become coaches, physios and HE Students

Pro:Direct Academy graduates move on to a variety of careers in sport or media.

Joining PDA means that not only will you benefit from great football training from FA qualified coaches, you will have access to relevant work experience opportunities and quality information, advice and guidance from outstanding teachers throughout your course. 

Our learners move in to career pathways such as these: 
Sports Development & Management
Health & Fitness
Teaching & Coaching
Sports Science 
Marketing & Media

Pro:Direct Academy graduates move in to a variety of different pathways

Pro:Direct Academy graduates move in to a variety of different exit routes.

A large percentage of employers say that they seek applicants with a mix of theoretical and practical skills. An overwhelming majority of BTEC students move into full-time employment after graduation and you will build a platform of practical skills and knowledge during your education programme with which to begin your career in sport. In 2018 more than 1.7 million people worked in the field of sport across Europe (eurostat), PDA graduates become sports coaches, physiotherapists, work in the leisure industry, or forge a career in sports marketing.

Pro:Direct Academy graduates can join scholarships in the USA

Pro:Direct Academy graduates apply for and gain scholarships in the USA

Studying with Pro:Direct Academy and our education providers gives you with an opportunity to go down the path towards playing professional or non professional football. You may want to consider scholarships in the USA or in other countries. Undertaking a football scholarship gives you the opportunity to experience life in other countries while playing your specialised sport and working towards a degree. You’ll have the opportunity to get involved in the game throughout your studies. Many of our students have gained an education while keeping an eye on making it in the game. We have seen many of our graduates go on to making it in professional or non-professional football.

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